Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Picture from the Revolution

An Egyptian citizen photographed by Platon.
Today, I have no uncanny connections to make between images and ideas circulating in our popular culture.

All I have is a picture I have been meaning to post for some time.  It is from the Aug. 1, 2011 issue of the  New Yorker.  That issue featured a series of photographic portraits of protesters from Tahrir Square in Cairo, titled "Pictures from a Revolution."  The excellent photographs are by Platon.  One of them in particular struck me.

This kid is cooler than I will ever be.

I could never wear that silky shirt without looking ridiculous.  But this young man is beautiful.

And what is that over his shoulder?  A flag?  A silky jacket?  A scarf?  It doesn't matter.  

I could never wear that marijuana-leaf and machine-gun bullet belt buckle without looking like a total poser.  It works for him.

Those eyes.  So calm and strong.  A maturity that defies his age.  No grand gestures of defiance -- that would be for those who lack confidence. 

And that hair!

This young man looks like the Johnny Cash of Cairo.


  1. This is actually pretty interesting! Now you can start your own fashion statement Dr. Andrews :D

  2. "Johnny Cash of Cairo" -- nice

  3. Hey Scott!
    ''Johnny Cash of Cairo" *is* very apt. You can tell the kids already got adult worries and responsibilities....
    Ellen K.